On Kwara Ghost Schools: group charges Governor to publish, probe and prosecute culprits


On Kwara Ghost Schools: group charges Governor to publish, probe and prosecute culprits.

A non-governmental group known as *The People’s Voice* has registered her displeasure and dismay over the issues surrounding the controversial news of the acclaimed 246 ghost schools found in Kwara State.

The group in their press statement released by the Deputy Publicity Secretary, Comrade Olaitan Abdulraheem, expresses their view on the manner of the allegations of corruption act and misuse of public offices that have been levelled against the past government without due diligence.

“The news of the acclaimed 246 ghost schools discovered in Kwara State as reported by the present administration is quite shocking and saddening and to be candid, if the report is found to be true, that has exposed the rate at which the last administration wasted the taxpayers money in the hand of the few Buccaneers. Therefore, it has become very imperative on the present administration to follow the matter to the last bustop. Interestingly, this one of the issues of public interest that demands decisive actions on the present administration.

Surprisingly, the State Government’s apparatus (HERALD NEWSPAPER) among other media outfits has drawn the attention of Nigerians to this heavy allegation of the past administration’s inadequate level of accountability and transparency, they need to open their books and probe any government officials found wanting. This is the area where the issue of Domestication of Freedom of Information Bill is very needed so as to help the masses ask questions on how their collective money have been spent to run the business of the state”, the group submitted.

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Furtherance, the press statement reads:

“And Kwarans have the rights to know the names of acclaimed 246 ghost schools and whoever behind this fraudulent action. Another good reason why Governor Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman should make use of the 3-Ps: publish, probe and prosecute the culprits.

The group submit further…

“It is our collective responsibility to reduce the level of corruption in our society. A careful study has shown that the corruption allegation cases here in Kwara State is gradually becoming a case of one day, one scandal. And the present administration of Governor Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman will not be helping matter in this case by just rolling out allegations without publishing the ghost schools. Kwarans deserve to know who are the people dragging their state backward. They deserve to see them probe and prosecuted in the court of law. By so doing, it will serve as a deterrent for others who might be nursing such devilish intention.”



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