Delay The Payment of Kwara’s share of the Paris Club Debt Refund, group charges FG


Delay The Payment of Kwara’s share of the Paris Club Debt Refund, group charges FG*Following the plan of the Federal Government to start the disbursement of the Paris Club Debt Refund to each state of the federation, we, The People’s Voice are compelled to establish the following views as Nigerians with the rights of expression:

1. The People’s Voice in her strong words, urges President Muhammadu Buhari to delay the disbursement of Paris Club Debt Refund acruel to Kwara State till after May 29 when the newly elected Governor, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq would have been sworn into office. By so doing, the group believes it will among other reasons gives room for proper accountability and transparency. While doing otherwise will amount to grave error which is capable of throwing the incoming government and its people into unfathomable financial predicament.

2. It is noteworthy that majority of Kwarans find it strange that Mr. President would consider it appropriate at this critical moment to disburse the last tranche of the Paris fund at the 11th hour of the tenure of the incumbent State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatai Ahmed, who has just few days left to officially transit power to the newly elected Executive Governor. Such idea may not be in the best interest of the populace as they’ve lost confidence and trust on the outgoing government.

3. PV says this based on the information gathered from the press conference release credited to the Minister of Finance, Mrs Zainab Ahmed on the plan of the Federal Government to disburse N649billion Paris Club Debt Refund through the Central Bank of Nigeria as soon as possible.

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4. Available information indicates that some State Governors are likely to misuse the fund going by the failure to properly account for the implementation of the past Paris Club Debt Refund hence the outcry of the masses against the Federal Government’s plan.

5. The unacceptable level of financial recklessness and egoistic attitude displayed by the Governors of some states should be discouraged through legal means.

6.the mass group believes that the delay in disbursement of Kwara State share represents the views of an average Kwaran. And the group hopes that the Federal Government will toe the path of the masses so as to reaffirm the commitment of good governance.

7. The group, through its Deputy Publicity Secretary, Comrade Abdulraheem Kehinde further implores the outgoing Executive Governor of the State to make official statement on the debt profile of the state and in particular what the state is expected to receive from Federal Government’s pulse and this should cover the Federal Capital projects and other related projects executed by the state that are yet to be refunded by the FG and the balance of the Paris Club refund so that the public will be well informed on her financial status.


Signed Comrade Abdulraheem Kehinde

Deputy Publicity Secretary


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