Absolve the beneficiaries of late recruitment made by the immediate past government, Group urges Kwara State Governor

Group huge kwara state governor

Absolve the beneficiaries of late recruitment made by the immediate past government, Group urges Kwara State Governor.

Group huge kwara state governor

We, the People’s Voice, wish to submit our views on the ongoing late recruitment saga which has denied its gross beneficiaries the rights of their MAY salaries entitlement.

We are aware that some people, mostly from your political party, have resolved that the beneficiaries of the late recruitment made by the immediate past administration should be sacked and laidoff immediately. Politically Speaking, these set of people could be right in their respective submissions if we choose to follow the pattern of partisan kind of governance we have practised and practising in Nigeria.

We even read how some party men were citing the case of Ogun, Bauchi, Oyo among others on how their ‘sunset employees’ were sacked with immediate effect. That, again, could be politically justified if we decided to dig deeper. But with the mix of human feelings and a bit of leadership touch, Kwara State can wear a new moral look under Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman and at least Zamfara State Government has set the pace in this direction. Can’t Abdulrahaman led administration queue behind this?

Even far away from that, moral justification should be the sentiment the incumbent Executive Governor must ride on if he wants to be crowned ‘The People’s Governor’ instead of the party governor.

If we must summon enough courage to face the Governor with strong worded truth, he didn’t win the last election with little support from his party men. In raw fact, more of the supports came from the relatives and friends of this late recruitment beneficiaries. Whatever may be the last resolutuons of his administration, the last regretable thing he will want to do is to go against the same people who gave him leadership voice after his several past electoral outings in the State.

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Fine, we are totally in support that academic merit in any past and future recruitment process should not be traded off. Screening is allowed and indeed a welcome development. But at the same time, the Governor must be wary of who will make the Screening Committee in order to avoid any form of political payback at the detriment of the committee’s tasks. If that happens, the spoil of political war might take long to cleasen. And the Governor’s name will always come to mind. May God forbid!

Another issue of great concern is the helpless mode of operation and management of Junior Secondary School Education in Kwara State. We urge your Excellency to take responsibility for its funding in order to put a natural end to the issue of Salary in percentages for both Local Government Area Councils workers and their SUBEB counterpart.

With utmost sense of sincerity, the recent press release made through the office of Deputy Chief Press Secretary on why SUBEB and Local government received 81% confirmed that the issue of percentages payment to the Junior Secondary School Workers and SUBEB workers goes beyond the wrong impression we have long been developed against the immediate past administration but rather the short of fund right from Federal distribution.

And giving the bastardization, disorientation and weather beaten style of operation of local councils in the state, we cannot afford to place education fate of our children in their hands. To this end, we urge your Execellency to put an end to this by upholding the judgement made in favour of Local Government Area Councils that it is the responsibility of the state government to pay the JSS Workers. If the court verdicts does not matter, knowing that our children does not deserve the unfortunate reality is enough a reason for your Execellency to oblige us of our request.

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God bless Kwara State.


Comrade Abdulraheem Kehinde,
Assistant Publicity Secretary,
The People’s Voice.


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