Don’t Run More Than Your Destiny – Mufti Menk Advice Everyone


Don’t Run More Than Your Destiny – Mufti Menk Advice Everyone

Many of us are stressed because we are in a hurry. We have this mental schedule which must be achieved by a certain time; get a degree, a good job, get married, have kids. We get upset when the schedule is out of sync. Trust that what He has decreed for you will be yours!

Respect yourself enough to let go of those who are not worthy of your friendship; those who treat you any which way to suit their whims & fancies; those who don’t respect you and constantly put you down. The Almighty knows you’ve tried. Don’t let the experience make you bitter!

Forgiveness can be more challenging with family because deeper emotions are involved when a family member hurts us. Choosing not to forgive & breaking ties of kinship is wrong. So do the right thing & forgive because forgiveness helps both sides! It’ll give you peace of mind!

Almost daily, we hear of senseless killings, bombings, natural disasters & accidents where many lose their lives. We’re always saddened by such news and feel helpless. We sympathise with the affected families and pray for them. May the Almighty protect us & have mercy on us all.

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